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Pioneering, open-minded, appreciative. Welcome to IMC Krems.

What makes us, as a university of applied sciences, so special? We’ll be happy to tell you about the aspects of our university that we are particularly proud of.

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A place to grow

Many interests, one community

Prospective experts from business, health, digitalisation, and life sciences; students from the Waldviertel (part of Lower Austria), Vienna and neighbouring European countries, but also from China, the USA or Russia; passion for research, the private sector, working with people and for (non-profit) organisations: That’s how diverse our student community is.

And that, among other things, is what makes studying at IMC Krems such a special experience.

INTERNATIONAL, practice-oriented, individual

You can feel the special IMC international spirit everywhere on the campuses of our university of applied sciences. People from over 50 countries study and teach at our university, and every semester we welcome numerous exchange students to Krems. Especially important: Our students have the opportunity to gain international experience themselves. An exchange semester is offered in many degree programmes, and our students can also plan their internships abroad.

We are particularly proud of the practical orientation of our degree programmes: real-life projects, lecturers with a high level of practical experience, internships in our full-time degree programmes. Graduates therefore have a job virtually in their pockets.

Learning at our university of applied sciences takes place in small cohorts, with students knowing each other well. Interaction with the lecturers is also at eye level. Overcrowded lecture halls and overbooked exams – not at IMC Krems!

Our services

Participants of the Youth University and the SeniorInnenUni at Campus

A university for young and old: Transferring knowledge

In the context of the Third Mission, we fulfil our educational mandate responsibly for the benefit of society as a whole. For this reason, we develop and promote a large number of different educational formats. The target group for these educational programmes ranges from children to senior citizens. Young Science, Science Engagement & Life Long Learning are the cornerstones of our efforts.

To promote and further develop our existing projects and to create innovative ideas in the field of science communication, we are in professional exchange with regional cooperation partners and international networks.

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